Why are we so keen to adopt an Eastern type culture?

A couple of the girls that I work with at https://cityofeve.com London escorts have just come back from Japan. It was their first ever trip to the Far East and now they are nuts for anything Japanese. When I spoke to time last, they seemed to be really keen to turn their entire lives around and take on Japanese lifestyle. They keep going about our lives being too cluttered and that we have too much stuff. Sure, that is probably true, but some people do like a lot of stuff.

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Another girl that I worked with at a South London escorts service, worked in Japan for a couple of years in a hostess club. When she came back from Japan, she was mad about its culture as well and she even spoke Japanese. Now when I visit her on her home, I feel like I step into little Japan. She has changed so many things in her home that it feels like being in Japan, and even the outlook to her balcony is Japanese.

When I came home from my London escorts evening shift the other night, I took one look around my flat and thought that it could do with decluttering. But then again, what would I do with all of the stuff. Not only do I have a lot of stuff, but I like many of the things that I own as well. I could not seem myself sitting down, putting it all away or taking it to a car boot sale. It is a strange feeling and it feels a bit like many of the objects in my home have become very good friends with me. I like them, and if I did get rid of them, I think that I would feel guilty.

My friends at London escorts who love Japanese culture seemed to have come back from Japan with a very calm mindset. I have noticed that a lot of Japanese girls who date in London seem to have that kind of air about them. Gents often say that they are very relaxing to be with and I keep on wondering if there is anything to do with the way the girls are. Not only that, I know that their boudoirs are very calming as well, and it could be feeding through.

My lifestyle must now seem chaotic to many of the girls at London escorts. I don’t know what it is, but I like it this way. On top of that I like being busy and I think that adds to the mania of my life. Some people can just come and chill out, but I have not really been able to do in my entire life. When I come home, I immediately look for something to do. Maybe I need to go to Japan, sit under a cherry tree and try to figure things out. It is the sort of thing many of the girls who have been to Japan did on their visit. Is it for me? I am not sure it is, I rather have a glass of wine.

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