After a long and hard day at work, you look forward to coming home and just relaxing for a while, or perhaps going out with friends to just unwind and let the stress of the day fade far away. While there are a lot of activities that can help to ease your mind from the stresses of the day, sometimes you just want to kick back, take it easy, and maybe just enjoy a few drinks and some food, either alone or with friends. But, what are the best foods and drinks to help you to relax and enjoy your time off?

Taking some time to just relax after work doesn’t have to be expensive. Admittedly, the most budget friendly place to be to unwind after work is your own home. There, you can change into whatever clothing you like, not having to worry about how you look. And spending time making food for you and your family can actually be quite relaxing. Generally, what are commonly called “comfort foods” have a relaxing effect on the body, often causing the body to release endorphins or containing the same chemicals as our brains produce when we’re in a good mood or even the same chemicals as when we fall in love, such as are found in chocolate. Carbohydrate heavy foods have been found to have the most relaxing effect on the body, which makes baked goods and pastries a great choice for when you just want to sit back and let go of stress from a long day at work. As mentioned earlier, chocolate has a mildly stimulating effect on the body but contains the same chemicals as our brains produce when we fall in love, so eating a bit of chocolate can have a pleasant effect that can help take your mind off of work.

When it comes to relaxing, the most obvious drinks for adults are those that contain alcohol as it has a relaxing effect on the body. As you don’t want to become too inebriated, drinks with lower alcohol content are suggested as you will still be relaxed, yet you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of your evening, too. For this reason, beer and white wines are suggested, as they have low alcohol content per volume. They’re also budget friendly, coming in a wide range of prices with some great tasting brands at surprisingly inexpensive prices. For non-alcoholic options, herbal tea is a great choice to relax. Herbal tea blends that contain chamomile, valerian, skullcap, or catnip have a naturally relaxing effect on the body and may even help you to fall asleep easier. These plants can even be grown at home, giving you a relaxing hobby to provide you with a calming drink after work.

If you’re looking for a way to relax after a stressful day at work, these food and drinks will help you do just that, without blowing your budget.


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