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There are many reasons why things happen and we have to notice what’s happening in our life. Regrets happen when we let things pass by and never tried it. A lot of my times I didn’t try and just took it for granted. Many times I loss because I even didn’t thought of trying. I want timing and there’s no timing in this world. For me doing what makes you happy without feeling guilty is much better at all. You have to take note what you do in your life. It’s very important to make crazy things in our life because when we will look back we have happy times to remember. for me a woman like West Midland escort of is the most beautiful girl that ever happens to me. This woman makes me feel good more than ever. I would do anything that I can to make this person happy in my life. I am so glad that with a West Midland escort life becomes more perfect at all. She is worth trying and that vacation I had leaded me to her. This West Midland escort gives me a great feeling that I never had before. She is truly one of a kind and I love her deeply in my life. with her I have nothing to hide at all. that was my first time I try something new for myself, to go alone and travel alone. I decided to go to London and just enjoy myself. I was diagnosing with cancer and I don’t want to die lonely and no happy memories. I loss many times in my life being afraid and not doing what I really want at all. When I go to London, I didn’t waste any moments. I enjoy myself more, the things that I didn’t do before I did now. I laugh, party, meet new friends and make love. I want to experience all those things before my life end. Until a woman come to my life to change my perspective. She is a West Midland escort and I book her. That moment was so magical I don’t know but my heart beat fast, and I just enjoy my time being with her. She is so precious to me after all. because of her I become so strong that I want to fight this cancer of mine. She became my reason to be strong and live a long life. I and West Midland escort has this strong connection with each other. For me she is truly amazing and loving person. She makes my heart happy and she is there for me the whole tIme. West Midland escort taught me at a lot of things. Because of her I learned many things in life and I want to enjoy every minute of her. I did medicated my cancer and be a survivor. after years of fighting I defeat cancer and back to London again. This time I don’t want to waste any more time but to love a West Midland escort

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