Fake Images Can Seriously Upset Your Life

It took a doctor to explain to me that many of the images that we see on Instagram and other social media networks are indeed fake. I have not always been the most confident person, and when I first started to use social media, I came across all of these really hot photos of girls my own age. Being a little bit naive, I thought they were the real deal. My friends at charlotte London escorts tried to explain to be that they were fake, but it did not really sink in. I got into my head that I was one of the ugliest girls at London escorts.

When I looked in the mirror, I saw this rather ordinary looking girl staring back at me. I felt like I was not good enough and no amount of make-up would make a difference. In the end, I started to feel really bad about myself, and booked a date with a surgeon. I had made enough money at London escorts to spend on myself, and I was planning to have some major surgery. At this point I felt so bad that I was actually contemplating suicide if I could not look like one of the other sexy girls on Instagram. I should have told my friends at London escorts about my plans, but I did not really get that far. Whenever we went out, we seemed to have a lot more to talk about than looking good. Sure, I was pulling guys on my night out with the girls from charlotte London escorts, and I was getting plenty of dates as well, but I still felt bad about myself. I wish that I had someone to speak to, but the right person did not seem to be in my life at the time. The day of my appointment with the plastic surgeon arrived. I has saved some photos in a special file on my phone, and I took them with me. It was an act of desperation, I was so desperate to change the things that I did not like about myself that I did not mind spending all of the money I had saved up from London escorts.

The surgeon must have thought that I as his treasure at the end of the rainbow. I guess it is seldom that a girl walks in through his door and asks for virtually everything. Anyway, that is what I did that day. For some reason, I put the brakes on a little bit. The surgeon was all for me to sign on the dotted line, but I wanted to make sure that I would not lose my gents at London escorts. As I sat in a coffee shop in London, I ended up chatting to this guy, and he turned out to be a doctor. I asked him if he knew anything about plastic surgery, and when he asked me why, I just came out and told him, I really wanted to change everything about my looks. After about an hour, and a couple of coffees, I had finally let him explain about the girls on Instagram. Apparently they use special filters to look that good. Anyway, my new friend said he could not understand why I felt like that. In his eyes, I was one of the most gorgeous girls that he had ever seen, and he would be proud to call me his girlfriend, nice.

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